Should your bag match your shoes?

Do your bags have to match your shoes?

Coordinating clothes or matching is considered as an art.
When it comes to prints and patterns on clothes, it is a little different. If you are interested in a patterned bag or shoes or a special design, you should specify the main and base color and choose your other clothes and accessories based on that. For example, when the base color of your bag is green, you can wear a simple green shoe.

How to make sure that your bag and shoes match?!

Here are some tips to ensure that the bag and shoes match:

1- Coordinate and match the main colors and patterns with each other

If you use accessories, match their color with your shoes. For example, if you use white shoes, match them with a white bag.
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2- Do not use different patterns

Make sure your bag and shoe colors are from the same color block.

3- Dress according to the occasion

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